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Liberal Education Initiative

LEAP Wisconsin is an initiative of the University of Wisconsin System that seeks to increase understanding of the value and purpose of liberal education for UW students and Wisconsin citizens.

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The Currency of the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Rethinking Liberal Education in Wisconsin is an initiative of the University of Wisconsin System that seeks to increase the awareness of the value of liberal arts education for UW System students and Wisconsin citizens.

One of the strategies through which the initiative hopes to reach this goal is by promoting Campus Action, that is to say, by making the teaching and learning of liberal education goals intentional among faculty, staff and students at UW institutions.


Being intentional means ending the "conspiracy of voluntary silence," to quote Carol Geary Schneider, President of the Association of American Colleges & Universities. more ...

What does it mean to make the teaching and learning of liberal education intentional?

There are endless ways to do this:

  • By placing the outcomes of a liberal education on the syllabi faculty develop for their courses as part of their learning goals for students;
  • By discussing these outcomes with students in ways-in-person and online-that help students understand the practical and intellectual applicability of these outcomes to their lives in college and beyond;
  • By communicating to incoming and first-year students the value and purpose of general education and the role of the liberal arts and sciences in providing that integral component of their education, regardless of proposed major or chosen field;
  • By conducting formal and informal faculty and academic staff discussions on the value and purpose of liberal education, whether in the hallway of a department, a departmental meeting, in online discussion groups, or in the convening of other campus-wide committee meetings for faculty and academic staff;
  • By holding seminars, lectures, fora for the campus community devoted to the discussion of the value and purpose of liberal education;
  • By preparing electronic or print publications and documents that are shared with prospective, incoming, and current students.


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